I was accepted to WPJA and AG|WPJA !






Today is a special day for me. In these years, I have been working very very hard in wedding photography. Finally, my effort is recognized by top professionals.

I’m accepted by Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA)


which is the tops association of wedding photographers in the world.

Only a few wedding photographers who are qualified for specific high standards in professional level are accepted by the association, which in Ireland only only 10 photographers was accepted by WPJA and only 5 was accepted by AG|WPJA.
I’m so proud of all this!

According to the site, the WPJA is a professional organization comprised of wedding photojournalists around the world. The members are defined and accepted by the artistic approach and vision that is given by professionals who are part of the WPJA.

I would like to thank the brides, grooms and all who have trusted and believed in my work.

I am Really happy today!

Bruno Rosa


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