Award winning wedding photographer Dublin – Bruno Rosa Photo

In just 4 short years of being in the business, Bruno Rosa has become one of the most highly regarded and sought-after wedding photographers in Ireland and the UK. In 2014, he was awarded as the Best Wedding Photographer in Ireland by Fearless Photographers, also known as the Oscar of Wedding Photography. He was also named the Best Wedding Photographer by Inspiration Photographers, selected for capturing 42 Award Winning Photos. He was 9th in the list of Top 50 Fearless Photographers in the world in 2014; this list took notice of over 3500 wedding photographers from around the World. His contributions to photography were also awarded by W.P.J.A. and A.G.W.P.J.A. He has been the featured speaker at the biggest online photography conference in Brazil –Foto Conhecimento. He has also earned 9 Awards from I.S.P.W.P., one of the biggest wedding photography associations out there. Owing to his great wedding photo ideas, he is regarded as the best when it comes to wedding photography in Dublin, Waterford, Limerick, Belfast, and other places in Ireland. So, don’t miss being captured on your wedding by Bruno Rosa, professional wedding photographer!

A passion for wedding photography

From a young age Bruno was fascinated by photography, the way a moment in time full of emotion could be captured in a split second and yet recorded for lifetime. His total professionalism balanced with his relaxed demeanor has put even the most nervous bride and bridegroom at complete ease throughout their wedding day.  It has been commented by couples when perusing through their wedding photographs that they weren’t even aware a lot of the pictures were being taken. This ability to blend in to the background allows the natural joy and happiness to pour through the wedding photographs he takes. This is a large part of his continued success and the reason his clients and his peers via his stream of awards regard him as the best wedding photographer in Ireland.