What to Wear for Your Engagement Photos

Engagement photos have become a big part of the documentation of a couple’s marital union. Not only do these photos illustrate the joy a couple experiences during their engagement, they can be used to announce the impending nuptials of the couple. Whether you use your engagement photos to broadcast your upcoming wedding in your local newspaper; incorporate them in your wedding invitations, favors, and other decorations; or use the photo session as a trial run with your wedding photographer before your special day, engagement photo shoots play a key role in both the engagement and the wedding.


So how do you dress for an engagement photo shoot? First start by establishing the style and location you’d like to use, then create a list of any special items you’ll need during the shoot. The time in which you intend to release your photos can also factor in what you plan to wear. Some newly engaged couples opt to have their engagement photos snapped shortly after they become engaged, which is an ideal time since you’ll both still be glowing with excitement from the recent proposal. Other soon-to-be-wed couples even decide not to have their engagement photos taken until a month or two before the wedding in order to give their guests a glimpse of their wedding day look. This can influence your engagement photo attire as you may want these pictures to be a bit more formal. Once you’ve developed an idea of what you want your engagement photo theme to be and when yo
u plan on taking your photos, you can decide what you and your future spouse will don in your photos.


In creating the perfect engagement photo, it’s important to have a unique shoot that suits both of your personalities. Although your photographer may have his or her own photo ideas, you should come prepared with a story line or thoughts about a theme for your photography session as this is an important element of the engagement photo shoot process. Perhaps you’d like a few photos recreating your proposal with your partner down on one knee or goofy shots of the two of you partaking in some of your favourite shared activities. If you aren’t quite sure about a theme for your engagement photo shoot, no to worries—there are plenty of fun, creative engagement photo shoot ideas and themes out there. Remember to include significant items or tokens that are meaningful to you and your future spouse.


While coordinating your outfits is fine, it isn’t necessary for two to sport matching attire. If you’d like to complement each other try wearing colours that are similar or have common tones. For instance, you can coordinate his tie or trousers with your dress from M&S or wear one simple item of clothing or accessory that matches, such as socks or sunglasses. While you shouldn’t be too matchy, you should also dress to scale. This means if your look is casual then so should his. Plan on wearing your Sunday best? Make sure he shows up in a suit and tie. Also, remember that being comfortable is key. Make sure his jeans aren’t too tight and trade in your heels for flats if you plan to move around in your photos. By keeping these tips in mind when planning your engagement photo session, you’re sure to have th
e perfect photos that show off your personalities and express your love.


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