Finding your Perfect Wedding Venue Ireland

Complete Guide to finding your Perfect Wedding Venue


Have you found the love of your life and are now looking for the perfect venue to
make it official?

To take the stress out of wedding planning, we have compiled this
complete guide to finding the perfect wedding venue for you as you mark the
beginning of your married life. If you don’t know where to start, allow this guide to
help you make the best choices, when it comes to picking the perfect venue for you!
While the looks of your venue are important, there are many things you will need to
consider. Your venue has to be able to accommodate everything from ample parking
to easily accessible bathrooms. Asking the right questions will ensure that you find
something that will suit you, your other half, and everyone on your guest list.
Remember, it is YOUR special day, so make sure that the wedding venue suits both
or your desires. You will avoid additional wedding stress by making choices that
reflect your true desires when it comes to the type of wedding you want. If you both
desire a smaller intimate wedding, booking a castle that accommodates hundreds of
guests may not really suit your needs.
Here are some things to consider when you are searching for your wedding venue:
What kind of wedding venue would suit BOTH of your desires?
If both of you having matching desires it is a lot simpler but if you don’t it is
important that you come to a happy compromise. Explore your options – you may
end up finding an alternate option that you both end up loving!

Big or a smaller, intimate wedding?

The first thing to determine is whether you would like a small intimate wedding
ceremony or a larger one. This will depend on your personal preference as well as
the number of people who will be attending your wedding. You can start by making
a list of attendees starting with your families, extended families and closest friends.
This will give you a good idea of the approximate size of the wedding and you can
now narrow your list of options to venues that can accommodate your needs.

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Local or destination wedding?

Would you like your wedding to be at a local venue or do you have a destination that
you have always wanted for your big day? One you know where you would like to
get married, you can make a list of all the venues in the locality of your choice.

Church, Castle or Hotel?

Once you know the size of your wedding and to local area where you want to get
married, you can decide on a type of venue; castle, church, hotel etc. You can then
research the wedding venues that are available in your chosen locality and begin to
narrow down your options by contacting venues and speaking with wedding

Who makes the mark?

Now comes the weeding process and the first step here will weed out many of your
choices. You will need to contact potential venues and find out their availability and if
they cater to the size of your wedding party. If they pass these two steps, then you
can make an appointment to speak with a wedding coordinator to ask more detailed
questions before you make booking to view venues. This is an important step that
will save you a lot of time and energy. Once you have this and have asked them the
questions below, you will know which ones you would like to book and appointment
to view, and then select one as your wedding venue

Your wedding coordinator or team?

When you are making inquiries for venues, find out what tasks can be allocated to
wedding coordinators to make your wedding planning less stressful. Depending on
your budget you can decide what you can have done through a wedding
coordinator. Make sure you have all their contact information and you know the
availability of everyone who will be assisting you in your wedding preparations.

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A few more things to take into consideration:

Are you flexible on your wedding date?

If you have any flexibility at all, take advantage of the best rates you can get from the
venue of your choice. Dates that are closer to spring and autumn will cost less get
you better value, so ask for the availability and pricing at the beginning and end of
the wedding season.

Does the venue offer flexible wedding packages?

You will find that most venues have packages that are pre-set. Some venues offer
some flexibility and may be able to modify the packages slightly to accommodate
substitutions that you may prefer. If you wanted an extra bottle of wine on the table
for your guests instead of something else that they offer in a pre-set package, they
may oblige. Or they might allow you to hire your own DJ and offer you more flowers
instead. Changes may be possible, even within a great pre-set package price!
Is there a grace period after you have paid the deposit?
Some venues may offer a short grace period and will return the deposit if you have a
change of heart soon after you have paid the deposit. It is worth finding out before
you book a venue.

Can your guests get to the venue easily?

This is important especially if your guests do not know the local area well or are from
out of town. You will want to consider how easily people will arrive by all types of
transportation that will be required without getting lost or it costing a fortune. Also,
make sure that there will be ample parking available for your guests.

Do you require privacy?

Some larger venues or hotels may have several weddings at the same time and this
could be bothersome if you prefer privacy. Often your wedding party will have to
share bathrooms and other common areas. If the grounds are open to the public, it
people may take pictures of you so ask ahead if you are not keen on sharing the
space with multiple wedding parties and passers-by.
See if your venue can offer you the ease of lifts, bathrooms, quiet rooms and other
amenities close by to accommodate all your guests from the youngest to the oldest.

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What can you bring?

Your own stuff includes: decor, food, alcohol, entertainment and other things you
want to do your way. This is a very important question, as some venues have strict
policies for their packages, while others are flexible. Discuss these details before you
pay any deposits or sign on the dotted line.

What can the venue supply you with?

Many venues can provide you with décor including chair covers, centrepieces, plates,
lights, candelabras and other small items you can use to decorate the venue. This can
save you a lot of money, so it is worth finding out what different venues can offer.

How late can you stay?

If you plan on dancing the night away, find out what the curfew is for your venue.
Some places offer a bar extension which will give you more time to celebrate, but
remember this will be at an additional cost. Keep in mind that you will need to know
what these timings when you hire your DJ and photographer and catering services.
Arranging for transport after the wedding if required, for yourself and your guests is
a good idea!

Will you stay overnight?

You and your guests may decide to stay overnight at the venue if the option is
available. See if your package includes a bridal suite and if there are special
preferential rates for wedding guests. If the venue does not have this option, check
nearby hotels and find out if they have special group rates. Also find out if your
venue has secure location for you to store your gifts and cards. Leaving these items
in a car is not the best option.
Options for all weather?

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, there is no way to guarantee that the
weather will be favourable. See if the wedding can be moved indoors or if it will be
possible to pitch a marquee if the weather is not suitable. It is best to be prepared for
all types of weather to ensure that your big day is perfect!

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