Wedding Album


Wedding Albums

When you first gets engaged, there is so much excitement, preparation and planning. Once you sit down to put together a budget, one of the big questions that comes up is how to divvy up funds. What are the priorities? For a lot of couples, photography is a big priority.

Disc But No Album ?

The first question is, do you get an album or not? For people who are scrapbookers, who think that they will be able to make their own album, or have a friend who is a graphic designer (or a photographer), this may seem like an attractive choice; and it may absolutely be the best fit for you. A big caution is that if you only have a disc of images, you don’t have anything tangible. Yes, you can print images from your disc, but you may never get around to it. And pros will have access to the best labs where your prints will be created on archival quality paper to last for generations. You may scrapbook or make your own wedding album, but there are even wedding photographers who haven’t been able to find the time to make albums from their own weddings, so make sure you actually have time to devote to a project of that size! Also, professional album companies only sell to professionals so you will be limited to consumer-grade books which are generally lower quality and not as durable.

 Below you can see images of my sample albums !




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