The Quest For The Perfect Wedding Photographer

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Wedding photographs are amongst the most treasured photographs in any home, so make sure you’re happy with yours by putting thought, time and effort into choosing your wedding photographer.

The Quest For The Perfect Wedding Photographer

Your wedding day will be full of memorable moments, from walking down the aisle to saying your ‘I do’s to having your first dance as a married couple. Once the big day has come and gone, all you’ll be left with is memories and your wedding photographs, so it’s important to hire a good wedding photographer whose style you like and who you will be able to rely on to take beautiful photographs of your wedding day.

‘Interviewing’ Photographers

You should begin your hunt for the perfect photographer as soon as you get engaged as photographers are often booked out for particular dates months in advance. Visit photographers’ studios, look at their portfolios and get a feel for their style. Every photographer will have a unique style, so you need to find one whose style best matches what you want for your wedding. You can look at the full range of their work if you like, but make sure that you pay particular attention their past wedding photographs as wedding photography is a different ballgame to, say, sports photography or studio portraits.

Money Matters

The cost of wedding photographers varies considerably, so shop around. If you’re planning your wedding on a budget, think about hiring a freelance photographer rather than studio photographers as freelance photographers are often much cheaper and do as good a job. Before deciding on a photographer, find out whether he or she will give you the negatives or not. Traditionally, photographers keep the negatives and any extra prints you want need to be ordered through them, but more and more photographers are relinquishing the negatives nowadays, so it’s best to be in the know as to who will get the negatives in advance. All photographers will ask for a deposit to keep the day free for your wedding, but you shouldn’t pay for the full job until you have seen the proofs after the wedding.

The Big Day

On the day, the photographer should take a large amount of photographs before the wedding as this is when everyone will be looking their best. As the day progresses, suits will become creased, elaborate hair-dos may begin to come undone and people will look less ‘polished’ in general. If there are particular shots you want at your wedding (e.g. cutting the cake, photographs with particular guests), talk to the photographer about these beforehand to avoid disappointment down the line.

If you have put the effort into finding a good wedding photographer, you’ll get to relive your favourite moments of the day every time you take the album down off the shelf – just be sure you know when to expect proofs and prints of your photos, so you’re not waiting years for them!

This article was written by wedding planner Marie Kennelly who has years of experience working with wedding photographers Dublin.


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