Sonia & Michael in Paris

Finding the right wedding photographer to cover your wedding can be a fraught and time consuming experience. There is a lot at stake when choosing your wedding photographer as these are the memories which will be with you for a lifetime and passed down the generations. How many times have you been shown the wedding photographs of your parents and grand parents or other friends or family members? Once the wedding is over you will want to show your photographs off to your own family and friends so ensuring you are happy with them is a top priority.

Whilst budget may play a large part in your thinking when choosing your wedding photographer it should be weighed up against what it is you actually want and the fact that you will have these photographs for a lifetime. From experience we know that many couples regret selecting a photographer on budget alone as the finished article may not be what was expected. What should be remembered when considering a wedding photography quote is the amount of work that goes into the photographs behind the scenes. It is not usually just a matter of time spent on the day itself and copying the images to disc. You can’t calculate the value of a professional wedding photographer on an hourly rate based on being with you for a few hours. Many hours are spent editing and selecting the best photographs and correcting light which may not have been available naturally.

Bruno Rosa.

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