Save the Date!

It is time we sent Message Board warning about the wedding … Now the fashion is to have a “Save the date.” Costume AmeriCares, too fancy!

Some nice tips:

The save the date should be sent 6-8 months before the wedding. The idea is to prepare the guest to the big day, giving the opportunity to schedule your time, book hotel, tickets, book a din din this pro (just kidding), etc..

The Save the date is nothing more than a pre-wedding invitation. It can be printed and mailed or sent by e-mail.

The text should have the wedding announcement (of course), the name of the couple, the wedding date and what more you have the will and creativity.

It is important to address all of the guests just right, well before the wedding. His sister already married? brilliant! Search the list and take it all the addresses. By e-mail is easier, no doubt.

Try to choose a save the date with the same style of wedding invitation you enjoy most. If your idea has always been a very traditional invitation, the save the date must also be more cute

I know it sounds obvious, but just send the save the date who you want to actually go to your wedding. That friend’s boring work, you only think of asking to not get wrong, do not have to receive the save the date. Being cruel? It’s even better that she did not book your wedding day to and receive the invitation at the last minute. Hahahahahaha! Wow, I was poor now!

The save the date can be a card, can be a magnet, can be an adhesive or whatever else you want to invent. I think that above all, save the date has to be very creative.

Bruno Rosa.

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