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I came to the sad conclusion that our biggest problem is lack of time. Carnival in full, follow my timeline on facebook and see that a large number of photographers are working hard in full holiday weekend. Most involved with post-production and editing. A lot of people parading around the block “United Lightroom.” The quote was a photographer known and found it very funny.



By my count, a wedding generates around 50 hours of work. Yes, around 10 hours on the day of the event and about 40 other hours divided between planning, transportation, call the bride, choosing photos, emails, editing, processing and album design. If I forgot anything else, please remind me. Meanwhile a simple test in the family consumes at least 15 hours of work coming up to 25 in some cases. If you have heart trouble, stop reading the article now!

Our customers unfortunately do not have the notion of these hours worked behind the scenes, unfortunately right? The sad thing is that a lot of photographers do not know the existence of this number of hours. The result can be seen by professionals descabelando up on facebook for not having more time for leisure. They spend the night tucked into a computer, working weekends and so put aside the social, personal and photography begins, in a sense, to become an instrument of torture. That is where the danger lies. When the pleasure is gone, creativity tends to go along and work quality drops. The photograph becomes mechanical. To illustrate, here prefer to do some simulations.

If a photographer closes 35 weddings per year, and 12 sessions of family, pregnant or something, it means that he will need at least 2150 hours of work to meet their commitments to aware. Doing the math, 9 hours per day. It seems reasonable not?

Not a total disaster. This same photographer who will have to work 9 hours a day on top of these weddings and sessions still need to take care of your business, post on their blogs, visit partners, serve clients that have not closed, answering emails, visit the counter, go to the bank, populate excel spreadsheets. I estimate that it absorbs everything around for over 2 hours a day at least. And so now we’re talking about 11 hours of work per day. The point is that no human being can, for a long time, working 11 hours nonstop like a machine. You need to stop for lunch, a snack, and breathe these intervals lead us 2 more hours on average. The bill is now on 13 hours of work per day.

It seems little? Calm! Now comes the thwack. Outages happen. Always appears something we did not expect, a connection to home, a visit from a friend, take the dog at the vet, a message on facebook, twitter and a peek at the well, the thieves of time, as they are called by experts, appear and subtract another slice of our few minutes. Over 2 hours per day will easily in social media and other thieves. Facebook is now considered a villain? No, villains we who use it do not know.

Gone are working 15 hours daily, the photographer has not even showered and took care of his personal hygiene. It did not take coffee or dined. In the case of photographers, there is often home, children, domestic servants to administer, etc.. Not to mention that the photographer also sleeps right? Or rather, little sleep before all that was said here. The hole increases, he despairs, Carnival cancels the trip. Foul weather, it can only claim in social media. The same social media frequented by customers who watch without understanding why he then continues photographing if life is so bad.



Bruno Rosa, ISPWP, WPJA, Fearless & AG|wpja member


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