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Wedding photography and service providers in general .

A very controversial subject in the service industry is the VALUE. How much is your job? It is a question that almost everybody makes it difficult to find an answer.

The difficulty in placing value on a service is because of it being something intangible (difficult to measure, to touch) and because he is consumed as it is produced, unlike products that are tangible, material, measurable, “testable” and are produced before consumption. When consumed along with its implementation is more difficult to know whether or not he’s worth what was asked.

The value, contrary to what everyone thinks, is assigned by the client to the service provider. If so photography, the client tells the artist (photographer) if he goes or not what you ask. Exactly, I’m saying that whoever gives greater or lesser value to the work of a photographer is the ALMIGHTY client.

If I want to charge € 5,000 and the client does not pay, it’s a sign that I’m not worth it and I could not even show the customer that it is worth paying that much money for my work. A classic example is the increase in employees who ask. If I ask for a raise to my boss and I have no other proposed higher salary, is a sign that I’m earning what I’m worth. There is no one who wants to pay me then it is better that I am happy with what I get for it is the only offer I got. It hurts but it’s the honest truth.

Now if I want to win a pay rise or prove to my customer that I am worth what I ask, what do I need? Some answers I’ve found throughout my career here and would like to share them with you. They are:

One. To avail more must first believe in my worth. So too is worth more a matter of self-esteem. The customer feels in the air when the photographer has trouble giving up value. If I do not get value, no one will give, is not it? Now very carefully, excess value, at a glance, it becomes arrogance and will surely take you away from the prospect. I always try to appreciate keeping me humble and grounded.

2nd. What I do differently that deserves greater value? The rarer the more I go or things I do (things that others do not) the greater the number of people who want to hire me. If more people are willing to hire me is a sign that I can charge more. Some give up pay me and possibly others not. Macroeconomic law of supply and demand. So should I prepare for my competitors do differently and get me out of the crowd. If my work follows market rules, he will have to have the same amount charged by the market, agree?

3rd. The value also depends on the group to which I communicate. People from different social levels, or belonging to different groups have different desires and lifestyle and consumption patterns completely distinct. A jiu jitsu pay 6 euros in a açaí and probably does not consume alcohol while an executive might pay 100 for a bottle of wine and do not want to consume a calorie and açaí is that it will increase its already overweight is an enemy because daily the stressful routine. Reasoning are distinct. Humans totally different. One may appreciate the pleasure while the other’s health. Each head a sentence as my father says.

Who is my customer want? What is my target audience? Where is he? What are your habits? Which brands they consume? What shopping visit? How do they dress? Who are the competitors that serve these groups today? There are several questions that lead me to some conclusions. After identifying the group for which I work is easier to speak your language and create a bond between him and my brand and my services.

Now a lot of attention. Only’ll be hired if an individual or group to find me something in common! To go deeper, I always wonder. What do I believe? In the group that believes that I want to meet? If there is something in common between the two responses, it becomes easier to work towards this target audience because I am respecting that in which I believe. If there is something in common, it is difficult. I’ll have to pretend to be something I’m not to attend this public. I’ll be trying to sell something I do not agree and no seller can sell something for a long time you do not believe. An hour house falls and never get longer sustain a situation solely based on money. Who makes money not only by giving the best of themselves and to be featured in the market you need to give your best and then some. Indeed, but give much more.

4th. Once you know who I want to communicate and what language this group speaks it is time to define what are my strengths and communicate them. Most people think that a good photograph, by itself, already attract good customers! Wrong. She can even attract but probably be long. Can I pass a lifetime without being discovered. Therefore it is necessary to treat the list of my strengths and communicate to my clients and say what I have to do good and different.

5th. I do not sell but photography experience. The experience I have as a wedding photographer. And the customer if he will help me enjoy this experience. Simply pointing to your friends. Word of mouth is still the best way to sell and be valued. Providing an experience of high value is to be different and treat the customer well from the first contact, email, phone call or in person, through delivery of the final product. Good experiences are unforgettable and add muchvalue to my work. Have bad experiences precede the catastrophe. Good marketing starts with good experience while bad only serve to evade the professional value.

I’ll take the first option, increasingly value my work, charging increasingly without forgetting to add benefits and provide unique experiences for my clients. This has been my motto for me and this is the simple art of valuing. It is an art, believe me!

Finally, every time a prospective client tells me I’m expensive, I do not get angry or upset. Just stop to think of the possibilities that lead me to look for him, an expensive professional. They are:

A. I could not prove it yet, but I’m worth what I asked. Probably because of difficulties in communicating my values, differentiated services and benefits. He does not even know why I’m different from others and therefore why I charge more. In this case worth arguing against and show him these reasons that may be obvious to me and to him are not. Vale also review my communication strategy to see if these benefits need to be better presented.

B. I really do not present any value for it, do not do it search or do not answer their wishes. In this case it is not part of my audience, that’s not a problem. I seek a different type of customer. He is not a client for me. Case closed.

C. He knows I’m worth but is attempting a descontinho. This is common. Successful people are usually good buyers and try to pay less for their work because they earn more by charging more but paying less. The esquação works both ways. The more resources you have the better your audience will know him negotiate.

D. I still am not worth what I’m asking. In this case you need to return to work and find ways to make it worth more. Time to be irish wedding photographer.


All the best !

Bruno Rosa, WPJA, Fearless & AG|wpja member


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