Wedding day of Daiane + Nathan


Daiane a pretty Brazilian Bride that came from faraway  to meet Nathan a very gentleman Irish Groom, even with such different culture, you can easily see the love between them  !

Was a small but great wedding, the whole day was an absolute blast with great people and I had such a laugh I had to keep reminding myself I was actually working.

Every wedding is great for the reason that you’re celebrating two people in love but what really struck me about this wedding was the love and affection between both their families and the ease they interacted together.

Anyway here are some from the day, congratulations Daiane & Nathan thanks for inviting me to be part of such an awesome day. Here are some pictures… also the wedding  album enjoy!

 “The quality of light should always be given heavy weight in your decision making – whether you considering window light, artificial lighting or assessing the direction of light in the grounds of a venue. And not only should it influence where you shoot, but also how you pose the couple and the atmosphere you create.”

Bruno Rosa









































































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