Award winning wedding photographer Dublin

Memories of a Lifetime through Timeless Images

Since he was a child, Bruno was fascinated by how the emotions of a moment could be captured in a split
second and be recorded for a lifetime. His father, who was also a wedding photographer, was a great source of
inspiration for Bruno and although his father passed away in 2001, his legacy lives on through Bruno’s work.
There is no doubt that Bruno’s success as an award-winning wedding photographer would have made him proud.
Sharing his insights at speaking engagements is a real source of joy for Bruno. He spoke to a crowd of 1300 at
the Photo Knowledge event in 2015. More recently he was invited to be a speaker on the main stage at the
largest Latin American photography conference which was attended by 3000 photographers, Wedding Brazil
2017. Bruno’s love for his work is what fuels his continued success. His accomplishments have been recognized
by his clients and peers through numerous awards as well as being voted the best wedding photographer in
In 2016, he was awarded the:
Golden Lens as International Photographer of the Year – Inspiration Photographers

In 2015 he received awards for:
Best Wedding Photographer – WeddingsOnline Ireland
Wedding Supplier of the year – WeddingsOnline Ireland
Best Wedding Photographer of the Year – Inspiration Photographers – 32 Award images
ISPWP International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers – 20 Award images

In 2014, he was awarded:
Best Wedding Photographer in Ireland – Fearless Photographers
Best Wedding Photographer of the Year – Inspiration Photographers – 42 Award images
Ninth on the 9th list of Top 50 Fearless Photographers in the world

Bruno has also received recognition for his work in major magazines and newspapers in England, Ireland and
Brazil from 2014 – 2017. He is the winner of 112 Award winning Images around the world. Bruno has also taken
on the role of Ambassador of DreamsbBookPro, one of the biggest album companies (suppliers) in Europe.
Bruno is a natural when it comes to photography. Many of the couples whose weddings he has photographed
have commented that they were so pleased with the results and they were not even aware that he had taken
many of them. Bruno has the gift of being able to put even the most nervous bride and bridegroom at complete
ease throughout their wedding day. His professionalism and calm demeanour are what set him apart in his work.
In fact, his ability to blend into the background is the secret to his success. It is what allows emotions to flow
naturally, allowing him to take the most captivating and enchanting wedding photographs.
For Bruno, life is his art and he loves capturing everything, especially when it comes to weddings. He is the
master of telling stories through mind-blowing and compelling wedding photographs. This is not achieved by
being safe and conventional. Producing works of art that are awe-inspiring require the ability to think and feel
‘outside the box’. Bruno is not afraid to take chances and pours his heart and soul into creating unique
photographs that transcend time and place.

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